Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Natural RCT on Healthcare

Aside from a short sting working for Ray Fisman, this is interesting:

Basically, people were randomly selected to opt into medicare, so the random instrument was "option to opt in".

1) The most noteworthy result to me is "The only type of care with no statistically discernible increase—or decrease—was emergency room use," which seems to account for the bulk of medical expenses by the uninsured (READ!!!

Results by Gruber&Finkelstein (MIT): We find that in this first year, the treatment group had substantively and statistically significantly higher health care utilization (including primary and preventive care as well as hospitalizations), lower out-of-pocket medical expenditures and medical debt (including fewer bills sent to collection), and better self-reported physical and mental health than the control group.”

Goldsten's comments:

2) Can anyone tell me "family-wise error adjusted p-value based on step-down resampling by Westfall and Young" is?

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